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Gun Liability Insurance

Gun Liability Insurance Coverage

Don’t Get Caught On The Wrong Side Of The Law Unprotected.

Get Insured for: Civil Liability – Personal Liability – Criminal Defense Reimbursement

Who Needs Gun Owners Liability Coverage? You! To protect your assets and your freedom.

We offer two levels of coverage from which to choose. You just need to decide which plan best meets your needs.

Standard Protection Plan is the most affordable option, but provides lower limits of liability.

$100,000 Self-Defense Coverage $100,000 Personal Liability Protection $50,000 Criminal Defense Reimbursement .

Premium Protection Plan provides the most coverage for the gun owner that wants the maximum available protection. $250,000 Self-Defense Coverage $250,000 Personal Liability Protection $100,000 Criminal Defense Reimbursement

 Don’t Get Caught On The Wrong Side Of The Law Without Protection . Purchase Your Policy Today!

Gun Liability Coverage:

Even righteous acts of self-defense can result in unintended consequences resulting in civil or criminal actions being filed against you.

 Do I Need Gun Owners Liability Coverage?

Purchasing Gun Liability coverage is part of being a responsible gun owner.  Gun Liability insurance is designed for the responsible gun owner that wants to protect their assets and their freedom.

What Does Gun Civil Liability Insurance Protect Against?

 Civil Liability Even for justifiable acts of self defense, a claim for monetary damages can be made against you by your assailant or your assailant’s family member. Civil liability claims are not costly for a perpetrator to make, even if they are without merit. All the perpetrator needs is an attorney willing to take his case in hopes of recovering damages from you. The cost of defending yourself against these claims can be financially devastating. Our policy provides legal defense coverage to vigorously defend you against these unwanted claims. In addition, subject to your limit of liability, we will pay damages on your behalf that you become legally obligated to pay as a result of your use of a firearm in an act of self defense.

Criminal Defense Reimbursement

Just because you think your use of a firearm in an act of self defense was justifiable, it doesn’t mean the District Attorney will agree with you. Overzealous prosecutors can bring criminal charges against you. Protecting your freedom is costly and time consuming. Our policy provides you with Criminal Defense Reimbursement benefits if you are criminally charged and those charges are subsequently dismissed, or you are acquitted of criminal charges related to your use of a firearm in an act of self defense.

 Personal Liability

Our policy provides protection for your personal liability arising out of your use of a firearm while hunting on public or private lands, shooting at organized competitions, or recreational use at hunt clubs, gun clubs or supervised use at commercial or private ranges. Don’t get caught on the wrong side of the law without this valuable protection. Purchasing Gun Liability coverage is the right thing to for you and your family.

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